Enterprise Journalism Release – October 11, 2012

Enterprise Journalism Release – October 11, 2012

Enterprise Journalism Release – October 11, 2012

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Enterprise Journalism Release – October 11, 2012

Enterprise Journalism Release – October 11, 2012

NFL Fan Violence
Outside the Lines (Sunday, 10 a.m. ET, ESPN2)


In recent months, the NFL has stepped up efforts to deal with violent and unruly fans in both the stands and in pre-game-tailgate lots. The league insists fans are safer at NFL games as a result, and that a rash of fan fights caught on YouTube create the false perception that violence is on the rise. John Barr talks with league security officials, a victim of a brutal attack and one fan determined to end the violence that can sometimes give the game a black eye.

 The violence in the stands is one of the main reasons why I don’t allow my family to travel to away games. I just wouldn’t be comfortable knowing that they’re up there and there’s nothing I can do about anything that might happen to them being in a hostile environment.” – Aaron CurryRaiders linebacker

“We’ve got a 23-percent reduction in the number of people who have been arrested inside our stadiums and that’s important because of the way in which we’ve created this conduit for fans to communicate with us. We now have a way to have an early warning of a problem.” – Jeff Miller, Chief Security Officer for the NFL, on fans texting messages reporting problems to security staffers during games


E:60 – Steve Smith; Rocky Clark

ESPN’s award-winning news magazine, E:60, which premiered five years ago on October 16, 2007, continues its 11-week run on that very day next week. E:60 will present pieces on Carolina Panther wide receiver Steve Smith and on Rocky Clark, a former Eisenhower High School (outside of Chicago) football player who was paralyzed from the neck down when he was tackled during a game 12 years ago.


The Orange Gloves
NFL Countdown (Sunday, 10 a.m., ESPN)

One of the most memorable images from last week’s NFL games was Colts’ wide receiver Reggie Wayne, with two bright, orange gloves wrapped around the football, stretching toward the goal line for the go-ahead touchdown in the upset of the Packers. Wayne wore the gloves, whose orange color represents leukemia awareness, to support head coach Chuck Pagano who was recently diagnosed with the disease. Wayne tells Rachel Nichols about his relationship with Pagano that traces back more than a decade, to their days together University of Miami.


An Unknowable but Exciting Future


“For the last week, I’ve been in Sri Lanka for the ICC Twenty20 World Cup. This trip completes a cricket trilogy for me. A year and a half ago, knowing nothing about the game, I went to India for the One Day International World Cup — the real World Cup, as it’s described over and over. A few months after that, hooked, I flew to London, to the posh and historic Lord’s Cricket Ground, for a five-day Test match. That’s when I understood cricket, about the hidden dramas and the subtlety of purpose that draws aficionados to the game. Everything about Test cricket, from the traditional whites to the break for high tea, suggests something ancient and meditative, a rebellion against a hyper-connected culture.”


Trick Shot Monday
College GameDay (Saturday, 10 a.m., ESPN)

Traditions and Notre Dame go hand-in-hand, but there’s a new ritual that few know about. The players only obligations on Mondays is meetings, so Mike Golic Jr. and his brother Jake, sons of ESPN’s Mike Golic, created “Trick Shot Monday” to fill the time. Their game is simple: no player gets to eat dinner until one of them successfully bounces a ping pong ball off the wall and into a drink cup. Samantha Steele competed with the team this week and found out how this became an internet phenomenon.

“It’s turned into something — it’s about team morale and camaraderie. And, these guys really enjoy it” – Brian KellyNotre Dame head coach

“Tension gets pretty high. Some of the glitz and glam and really advanced shots you’ve been trying all game kinda go to the wayside, really boiling it down trying to get the ball in the cup. Stomach’s start rumbling little bit and you get edgy.” – Mike Golic Jr., Notre Dame offensive lineman


Gender Equity Activist and Soccer Star
Reportaje Especial (Sunday, 11 p.m., ESPN Deportes)

In another life, Mexico’s Miranda Salman was a kid who dreamt of playing professional soccer in her home country. She eventually reached her goal and played for a 1st Division team. However, back then, Miranda’s name was Jorge and she was a man. She now says she always felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body, and five years ago began the sex-change process. Today, she is an activist for gender equality and human rights, and has embraced once again her love for soccer, playing for the top division in Mexico’s women’s soccer.

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