Rap Sheet Rankings: The Week 3 Edition

Rap Sheet Rankings: The Week 3 Edition

Rap Sheet Rankings: The Week 3 Edition

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Rap Sheet Rankings: The Week 3 Edition

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Rap Sheet Rankings: The Week 3 EditionIf there is one way to move on to the next week in the NFL, it’s to sit in front of a schedule, look at the slate of games, and start to make sense of it. That, to me, is how the following week begins. And then, I write it up in our weekly feature, the Rap Sheet Rankings. I rank ‘em 1-16 based on my interest in each game. This week’s top choice was easy. Any time the Ravens and Patriots play each other, it’s one you’ll want to be in front of a TV for. I gave you a little taste this morning with this post on Patriots nemesis Bernard Pollard. While he noted, “The Super Bowl’s not won [...]

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