Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge

Get healthy with your loved one by your side


For a long time, weight loss professionals have been touting the merits of teaming with a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or friend to get the most out of a workout routine.

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One reason behind the push is motivation. When you work with a partner, you can encourage each other to stick to your goals and remind each other why they’re important. If one of you is having a bad day or feeling less than game for your workout, the other can step in and put things back in motion.

Working out with your significant other also can help you grow closer as a couple. It gives you a mutual goal, and it gives you the opportunity to share quality time together in a productive way, both of which can deepen and solidify your bond.

You may also find that you’re happier as a couple. This is because exercise releases the feel-good hormone serotonin, which reduces tension and stress, making you feel happier. It also elevates the libido, allowing the opportunity to increase your satisfaction with your sex life.

If you’d like to begin reaping the benefits of a partnered workout, here are a few exercises to try.

  • Chest toss with medicine ball: Stand face-to-face with feet hips distance apart. Toss medicine ball back and forth from the chest. This works the pectoral muscles, which is good for both men and women.
  • Partnered squats: Stand facing each other arms length away with feet slightly wider than hips distance apart. Grasp arms and slowly lower into a controlled double squat. This works the abs, glutes, and leg muscles.
  • Paired bicycle crunch: This is like a regular bicycle crunch, except you place your feet together, sole-to-sole. This gives your quads added resistance for a more thorough workout.

Make your significant other a regular part of your weight loss plan. You’ll enjoy the benefits of an enhanced workout, a better sex life, and a deeper bond.


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