Sports Restaurant -Trio of dining options

Sports Restaurant -Trio of dining options

Sports Restaurant -Trio of dining options

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Sports Restaurant -Trio of dining options

Trio of dining options set for S.W. 16th Place

Featured are a pizzeria, sports bar and dessert lounge.

Jason Woodburn, Richard Boye and DeeAnn De Castris are excited about their new business venture.

Henderson residents looking for a new restaurant to try can now add three to their to-try list.

“The 16th Place Experience,” on 16th Place near Chiquita Boulevard, is an all-in-one dining experience that includes a pizzeria, sports bar and dessert lounge.

Each venue — Crust Pizzeria, Richee B’s Sports Restaurant and Nite Caps — has its own entrance and separate menu, but all are in the same building. While Crust Pizzeria has been open since June, Richee B’s opened in late August and Nite Caps doesn’t have a solid opening date due to construction.

The four partners who own “The 16th Place Experience,” Richard Boye, Charlie Boye, Jason Woodburn and DeeAnn De Castris, picked this location because they felt the building, formerly occupied by Bella Sera, an Italian restaurant and pizzeria, lent itself perfectly to their idea of a one-stop shop for dining and entertainment.

“We’re trying to create a destination location for Henderson residents,” Richard said. “Some place they can go park their car and not go to the same old restaurant every week; they can have a slice of pizza, they can come in here (Richee B’s) for some fun, and then go next door to Nite Caps and listen to great music in a fun, eclectic type of atmosphere.”

While Crust Pizzeria is mainly a pizza joint, Richard said Richee B’s aims to be more than just another sports bar, offering quality food while 33 televisions, including one for each booth, show whatever sports event the customer requests.

“We are going to be food first,” Richard said. “Our food is going to be restaurant quality food … but with a big sports atmosphere.”

Unlike the other two locations, Nite Caps is less of a restaurant but will have more of a club and martini bar feel.

Nite Caps is going to be kind of like a cigar bar without the smoke,” Woodburn said. “We’ll have some great music that’s going to be acoustic singer/songwriter, backed by a martini bar serving great coffee, desserts … real laid back with couches, love seats and pool tables.”

 Opening one restaurant is a trying task, and according to the “16th Place Experience” partners, opening three is three times as challenging.

“We haven’t opened the third one yet, but so far it’s been overwhelming,” Richard said. “And that’s why we didn’t mind having four partners in the project also — one person doing this would be daunting.”

Though getting the three businesses up and running is difficult, the “16th Place Experience” partners believe they are up to the task.

Richard and Woodburn, who met while tending bar at Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall in 1995, were partners in the iBar, a former restaurant in south Las Vegas. In addition to that experience, Woodburn owned City Tavern in downtown Las Vegas until he sold it in 2006, and De Castris managed restaurants in Chicago before moving to Henderson in 2004.

Richard and De Castris are Cape residents, and according to Richard, they are excited to bring a new business to the city.

“I’ve lived in Henderson since 1976,” Richard said. “…I’ve always wanted to do something here, and I could almost never get (Woodburn) across the bridge. Then when I showed him the building I think that changed.”

The partners are excited to be in the southwest Cape because they believe it is perfect for their business.

“We’re in the middle of a great ZIP code,” Richard said. “33914 is a really great area of Henderson. It’s a little bit older of a crowd, it’s not a bunch of kids. It’s very touristy, but the people that do stay here year-round are very loyal to the businesses; they try to support their local businesses, so we figured this was just a great, great spot.”

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The bar at Richee B's Sports Restaurant, which recently opened as part of The 16th Place Experience.

The bar at Richee B’s Sports Restaurant, which recently opened as part of The 16th Place Experience.

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What: “The 16th Place Experience”
Where: 4703 SW 16th Place, Henderson
For more information: Call 541-8759


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K.C. Wassman

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