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Only In America

Only In America

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We were very honored to learn that our Oklahoma City location, Gordon’s Service Experts, earned a chapter in the book “Only In America,” as an example of all American hard work and premiere customer service. Congratulations to the whole Gordon’s Service Experts team. Here’s the excerpt.

Only In America…101 Stories from George Johnson’s American Journey (Tate Publishing LLC, 2012; for more information visit By George Earl Johnson, Jr.

Hard Work: What Do We Know About Hard Work?

Hard work showed up at our front door with a pleasant smile on its face. The summer of 2009 had not really been that hot, but it decided to claim the central heat and air conditioning unit in our home for good. In a home built fifty-seven years ago, about the time central heat and air were becoming popular, the system and all of its ancillary accessories gave up the ghost. That meant an entire system replacement was needed as thought it was a new construction project.

The three-man team was led by a twenty-two year old young man. The crew started unloading the new equipment and their tools from their bobtail truck, and it took up the entire space in the driveway in front of the two-car garage. An hour later, another worker showed up, and two hours later another. This was serious business. These men were serious about getting the job done. I had been working at Oklahoma’s State Capitol for three decades, and I had worked hard, but this was a different type of hard work these men were doing.

The best way to describe this team was to think about army ants on the move. They were moving from the moment they got on our property. They were the American workers that we don’t see on television. There were tools moving between the attic rafters, the house, and the crawl space under the house. Yes, this house is old enough to be built when homes did not yet have concrete foundation pads.

Cody, Paul, Charles, Tom and Rick let me know by their deeds and actions that they were on the job as employees of Gordon’s Service Experts. In a fourteen-hour workday, they took two breaks that lasted all of ten minutes total. They took a really long lunch break – twenty minutes. Other than that, they hit this job and hit it hard. Many times we hear about the people who are conning people out of their hard-warned money, but that was not the case here. Their sweat equity was very obvious on their uniforms at the end of the day.

Charles was the new guy on the team. He told me, “These guys are like animals. They are first cousins to the Energizer Bunny.” They gave Charles grief most of the day as they kidded him about one thing or another. The team leader Cody said, “That’s what they did to me when I was new. I am just checking to see how bad he wants to be on our team. I was made a team leader because I worked hard, and I have two ears with no complaints from customers. Guys really have to bring their A-game to work on my install team. It’s about being the best so you don’t have to come back to fix mistakes.”

He said when they paid attention to the details, they really can get it right the first time. This is a twenty-two-year-old that was going places. He had leadership skills others were hoping for but were not working hard enough to earn. This heat-and-air team that spent two days in our home were the guys who were still making America tick.

They were skilled, they worked hard, they respected us as their customer, and they took great pride in wanting to do an excellent job. By twilight, they were still going full-tilt in the fourteenth hour of day one. They put the same energy into the six hours it took them to take care of all the final details, check all of the system’s operations on day two, and cleaned up around the property, without being asked. When they left our home, there was no physical evidence they had ever been working there for two days. American worker-you make us proud!

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